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What is the best teeth whitening pen?


If you want to whiten your teeth, a trip to the dentist’s office is no longer needed. In fact, you can whiten your teeth from home with an over-the-counter product today. Teeth whitening gel pens in particular have become quite popular in recent years. How do they work? Do they really work? And what is the best teeth whitening pen?

How do teeth whitening pens work?

The peroxide-based, whitening gel pens for teeth work by creating “scrubbing bubbles” through an oxygenation process which will help cleanse the stains off surfaces to lighten the teeth. According to the American Dental Association ingredients in teeth whitening gel pens do work [1]. You can have a whiter smile in just days after using the right product.

Tooth-whitening pens usually contain materials that are based primarily on either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide and are considered to be safe [2]. Of course, while you should always consult with your dentist to determine the most appropriate whitening treatment for you, teeth whitening pens are a great choice!

What makes for the best teeth whitening pen?

It is hard to say what will work best for each person’s individual needs. However, here we identify the key features you should be looking for in a whitening teeth gel pen

  • Peroxide Concentration: Optimum peroxide concentration is important so that you don’t damage the enamel of your teeth with a gel teeth whitening pen. According to one dentist [3], if you are using a hydrogen peroxide gel whitening teeth pen, it should ideally contain approximately 10% to 12% hydrogen peroxide. However, if you are using a carbamide peroxide product it should have at least 35% carbamide peroxide.
  • Light Activation Technology: Light or laser activation technology accelerates the tooth-whitening process. Research has shown that photoactivation of whitening gel products with LED was found to be the best choice compared to other sources of light or no-light methods [4]. Choose a gel teeth whitening pen method that utilizes LED technology for best results.
  • Safety: Everyone wants a safer solution to whiter teeth. The right teeth whitening pen is safe for teeth, gums, veneers, and braces. It is recommended that hydrogen peroxide-based products should only be used in a controlled environment under dental supervision due to gum irritation and tooth sensitivity; however, carbamide peroxide can be used at home without dental supervision and thus may prove to be the superior product for convenient at-home use [5]. Finally, at-home teeth whitening methods should be pain free.
  • Enduring Results: People want results that last. Carbamide Peroxide teeth whitening gel treatments can have whitening effects that last for months. Find the product with the most enduring results to minimize the number of teeth treatments needed.

Choose the best — Cleaner Smile’s LED Teeth Whitening Kits

Why choose one of Cleaner Smile’s LED Teeth Whitening kits? Simply put, it is one of the best teeth whitening gel pens on the market today. This line of products, unlike many others currently available, utilizes at-home, light-activation technology. Moreover, these kits use LED light, the most efficient light source for enriching the whitening effects of gel pen-based products. Finally, Cleaner Smile is committed to both the safety and efficiency of their products.


Cleaner Smile offers three different kinds of teeth whitening gel pen kits with an option to purchase teeth whitening refills. These kits are:

  • Regular LED Teeth Whitening Kit: The most basic of Cleaner Smile’s gel pen products, this kit includes:
    • 1 LED mouthpiece
    • 3 teeth whitening gel pens (35% carbamide peroxide) for easy application
    • 2 mobile phone attachments that are Android and iPhone compatible
    • USB connector
    • Shade chart to track your teeth whitening progress
    • Instruction manual
  • Maximum Strength LED Teeth Whitening Kit: The next step up in Cleaner Smile’s product line; get a whiter smile faster with this kit:
    • 1 LED mouthpiece
    • 3 teeth whitening gel pens (44% carbamide peroxide) for easy application
    • 2 mobile phone attachments that are Android and iPhone compatible
    • USB connector
    • Shade chart to track your teeth whitening progress
    • Instruction manual
  • Charcoal Teeth Whitening LED Kit: Rather than utilizing a peroxide-based formula, this product uses a specialized natural charcoal that delicately scrubs away years of stains. This kit includes:
    • 1 LED mouthpiece
    • 3 charcoal teeth whitening gel pens for easy application
    • 2 mobile phone attachments that are Android and iPhone compatible
    • USB connector
    • Shade chart to track your teeth whitening progress
    • Instruction manual

What do customers have to say about Cleaner Smile’s whitening pens?

The reviews are in, and customers love Cleaner Smile’s products!

Here is what one customer had to say about the Regular LED Whitening Kit:

“I have tried everything over the years and I just never feel like my teeth are as white as they should be. I was a little hesitant to try Cleaner Smile but I am SOOOO glad I did. Not only is the price point unbeatable, the products have actually whitened my teeth! I noticed they were looking whiter within an hour or so after I first used the kit, but I thought it was just in my head. I used the shade chart to confirm and I was blown away that it was working so quickly. I didn’t experience any pain when using the Cleaner Smile LED light and whitening gel, and it was even easier to use than I thought it would be. I just apply the gel to my teeth, plug in the LED light to my phone, pop it in and go do something else while it whitens! Super quick, easy and painless – all I could ask for!”


The Cleaner Smile system allows for an easy way to get LED or blue light-activated technology into your own home, simply by plugging the LED device into your phone. Moreover, Cleaner Smile’s products are affordable. There’s no need to break your budget to get a whiter smile! Cleaner Smile’s teeth whitening pens are also pain-free, clinically-tested, and designed to easily fit into any lifestyle [6]. These LED whitening kits are gentle enough to preserve your teeth’s enamel but potent enough to take stains away. By scrubbing away years of stains using one of these formulas, you can work toward a whiter smile and improve your confidence. Cleaner Smile simply offers the best teeth whitening pen options available today.


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