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The Best At-Home Teeth Whitening Strips
Convenient, Portable & Professional


At Cleaner Smile, we want achieving a brighter, whiter smile to fit effortlessly into your life. In addition to our line of teeth whitening kits and charcoal dental care products, we have developed enamel-safe, advanced teeth whitening strips to give you whiter teeth in just 15-30 minutes a day. With our no-slip grip and contouring strips, you can whiten your teeth while you talk and go about your normal routine.

Here are a few other reasons we think our teeth whitening strips are the best!

Easy, Mess-Free & Convenient

Whitening your teeth shouldn’t be a complicated mess. Our strips make it easy for you to get the brighter smile you want, without having to worry about an additional mouthpiece and teeth whitening gel – everything you need is one convenient package! You can easily apply the pre-coated strips to your upper and lower teeth and then go about your day. Fifteen minutes later, remove the strips to reveal whiter teeth you can’t help but show off.

On-the-Go Whitening

Whether you’re traveling for business, taking a vacation or just want immediate access to a whiter smile, our strips are portable so you can bring them with you where ever you go! Remove surface-level and set-in stains with ease at home and when you’re away to maintain a whiter smile all year long.

Professional Results with Professional Prices

A trip to the dentist is one most people would rather not take, unless they have to, of course. No offense to the dentists themselves, they are great, but having to schedule an appointment to get your teeth whitened takes a lot of time and money. With our strips you get the best of professional teeth whitening, in just a fraction of the time and without breaking your budget.

Charcoal Formulation

The Cleaner Smile Teeth Whitening Strips are also available in our charcoal formulation. These strips use high-quality activated charcoal to gently whiten your teeth and they are ideal for users with more sensitive smiles. Additionally, charcoal can help freshen your breath and detox your entire mouth.

cleaner smile charcoal teeth whitening strips

After just five treatments, you could start seeing results. With proper maintenance, you can maintain your brighter smile year round!

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